Welcome to Danellandia Pax Mundi

here you will find the most important thing in life: peace and happiness and hints to obtain them and enjoy life to the fullest


The world of peace, love and happiness. It exists in the mind of everyone. Everyone can help to make Danellandia come into the real world by keenly promoting peace and human values.

The principles found in Danellandia can be of use to all countries and all peoples. We have discussed these principles and several projects with people from around the world (from China to Argentina and from New Zealand to Canada).

We grew into a community of friendship. We want to create a global village of peace and happiness. Also real.

We are promoting peace and the respect of human values. We publish articles, poems, short films and posters about many aspects of life. We also promote the respect for Nature as a partner of Mankind.

How to get to Danellandia?

Taking part in its ‘campaign for peace and human values’. Just read the information on this site. Let it inspire you and talk about it with friends. Our aim is to also put up the infrastructure for the global village on the net in the future.

Taking part will give you a feeling rarely experienced. Do take part. You can make a difference. Yes, you can.

Who we are?

Ordinary people that care for each other and for other people as well as for Nature and the world. Danellandia works through a global network of friends.


Danellandia was created because we became ill as a result of the way our present-day society is organized and works. We almost lost our lives.

Also because many projects like programming humans with chips to make them perfect soldiers are beyond the limit. They are too destructive and disrespect basic human values.